Pregnancy Massage

A lovely nurturing massage. Suitable from 12 weeks of pregnancy. Available at my home in Higham Ferrers as a stand alone treatment or as part of the Pregnancy or Doula package. Pregnancy massage has many benefits:

  • Promotes relaxation

  • Reduces stress and anxiety by relaxing your mind and body

  • Creates a sense of wellbeing and helps to boost self esteem

  • May help to improve quality of sleep

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Stimulates lymph drainage

  • Helps reduce muscle tension

  • Helps to alleviate muscle spasm

A health and pregnancy questionnaire is completed prior to treatment to see if you are OK for massage and to see if we need to adapt the routine in any way. This is a good opportunity for any concerns to be voiced.

For massage you will be lying on your side on the couch. Your ‘bump’ and legs will be supported by pillows. The treatment covers your back, legs and arms and is very gentle. You then lie on your back with pillows to support you in a safe and comfortable position (no more than 10 minutes) while your face and scalp are massaged.

All products used are organic and free of any additives.

After treatment you will have the opportunity to rest and have a drink.

PRICE………£40 for 75minutes


Gift Vouchers Available